Work and Travel Program in USA  
Work and Travel USA is great opportunity to work in US Based company for 3-4 months. It is a journey of cultural discovery, learning about life in America, making friends, having a job, and exploring – this is the Fantastic Program you’ll ever have! 

We connect you with employers who know that what you find when you reach the United States is important. They’re giving you more than a job. They are giving you the chance to see America in a whole new way. And Study Metro USA Partner does all we can to make your experience rich and meaningful, with special events just for Study Metro students, cultural guidance, and tips on things to see and do while you are in the United States.

Programs Features
  • Entry Level Jobs 
  • All Across United States 
  • Gain work experience, improve their English skills and make American friends 
  • Participate during summer university break dates 
  • No longer than 4 months
  • Minimum Wages Paid at $8 per hour 
  • Accommodation Provided by some Employer 
  • Visa Category is J1 Visa 
  • Job Opportunities available with 100+ U.S. based Company
Eligibility : 
  • Between 18 and 30 years old 
  • Study as Full time student 
  • Adequate Level of English 
  • Demonstrate an Interest in Engaging with U.S. Culture and Communities 

Spring Season : May to June 

Summer Season : July to October 

Winter Season : January to April 

Apply Today, only 10 seat for this Program

Perfect Program for Gaining Work Experience in USA

Step 1 : Send your education documents to, along with CV and passport 

Step 2 : Attend Skype Interview 
Step 3 : Pay Processing Fee of $2000 

Pricing Includes: 
    •    DS-2019 Form (For J1 Visa)
    •    24/7 support in U.S. & insurance
    •    Completion Certificate
    •    Culture Guide USA
    •    Connect USA events
    •    Civic Leadership summit
Step 4 - Apply for Visa and Travel to USA
  • Placement at a Study Metro Partner U.S. Employer 
  • Study Metro Partner conduct the interview process 
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