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What people are saying about us

I would like to thank study metro to show work and study option in the USA. I always aspired to study abroad but I was unaware of the process.They helped me a lot to complete my process as i had canceled my intake too. They supported me to shift my intake. I take this opportunity to thank zaid for helping a lot. AS I belong to Himachal Pradesh it was too far for me to complete my process from my native place I was afraid for believing someone by phone but zaid sir help me a lot to clear my mind. Thank u zaid sir and the team of study metro. Hope to be in touch with Study Metro for any future requirements.


Living in the USA

I am really glad to inform you that I have got a visa to study in the USA with only the help of study metro which undoubtedly I can say!
Here I need to say very special thanks to Nishi for her support and help From starting to until I get a visa in the hand.
And thanks to Mr.Abbi for guiding me and told me in starting itself that I can get a visa.

P.Avoodaiappan alias Siva

Living in State

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