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Got rejected for F1 USA visa? No problem. Here's the solution. Join our F1 Visa E-learning programme designed by US immigration lawyer and pursue your education in US.

We are pleased to inform you that we have created F1 E-learning Visa training for indian students, Which increase 80-90% students visa rate after successfully completing course. The course material designed by USA Immigration Lawyer, which contain each and every small information about F1 Visa Requirement. 

Join Our E-learning Course Today and Watch some Visa Interview video below

 VISA Training for initial students to learn about basic things. : You can share this link with your friends. 

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F1 USA Visa Student Visa Interview in Study Metro Office 

Piyush F1 USA Visa Interview for Midwestern State University 

F1 Visa Training by Abbie as Student

F1 Visa Training by Abbie as Student (2nd Attempt) 

Visa Applied Students  

F1 USA Visa Training Lecture by Abbie 

DS 160 Forms Step by Step Information by Study Metro

DS 160 step by step second Video

Bhavesh is from Indore and explained about DS160, SEVIS, Visa experience

other student Visa interview practice 

Student got Visa expaining OFC step by step

Student got Visa expaining documentation


abbie as student giving visa interview

Raja from USA

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